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Saturday, January 30th, 2010

These two hot photos are taken from one of my favorite crossdress communities where there are also a lot of crossdress stories which can easily make your panties all wet , but its not only crossdressing stories which are there , there is so much to do and so many crossdressers to meet that you cans pend hours and hours of quality time at crossdress fun, and there are also ladies who love crossdressers or Mistresses who love to fuck crossdress boys in their ass and the Mistress in the photos uses a huge strapon on to fuck the crossdressers asses

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As real mistress she knows what these sluts need and it makes her tick as well to bring these crossdressing sissies into submission and order them around to build up sexual tension for the moment she had been waiting for ….

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And that moment is pounding sissy asses with her huge strapon , if you like this stuff you should visit cdfun now and watch videos and read stories which will get you hard

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Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Hey everybody look at Antoine over here he is turning himself into Antoinette bu using make up on his pretty face, just watch the videos and see with how much feminine care he puts the make up on his eyes, this guy has little experience with crossdrssing but he before he knows it he is sitting in a chair wearing a blond wig and a nice black sexy dress getting turned on by his own feminine looks so he starts wanking himself all dressed up like a sexy bitch

Have You actually ever put make up onto your face?  have you ever transformed yourself into a real slutty woman with high heels big boobs stockings and a sexy wig ? Well I can’t take your answer from here but we can talk down at the forum at cdfun where I have been a member from day 1 and met lots of people who shared with me their crossdress stories and I would also like to hear from you and find out how much experience you have as a crossdresser, how far did you go? Click Here to Join the Forum and get loads of extra’s

Crossdress fetish bitches with slave

Saturday, January 30th, 2010

Hi guys and girls and all who count themselves in between the two, lets have a little chat here about all the different crossdressers there are in our community, it’s obviously so that not all crossdressers are made equal , some like to be just very normal, like a normal lady who just wants to  make out with her boyfriend and that would be it, but some of you out there love to go kinky just like some ladies become a dominatrix also some crossdressers prefer to enjoy their female sexuality that way, and I have to introduce you today to one of them kinky bitches out there named Yvette who has her own site where she calls her self the nylon bitch, and in the photo’s I have picked you can enjoy nylon bitch Yvette together with her male slave who totally worships her feet and ass

In the above photo we see Yvette’s slave submitting to her in her living room where she will have a play sessions with him and another crossdress friend of her

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The lucky slave gets to play with 2 hot crossdress fetish Mistresses he gets his cock pleased and also is ordered to suck the crossdressers cocks and beside that he gets to lick them real good,  this some crossdress bdsm for the kinky visitors of my blog

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Friday, January 29th, 2010

Crosdresser porn with a crossdressing latin slut named Sebastian getting hard cock from a stud who loves crossdressers and slut Sebastian has dressed herself real sexy with very high heels and stockings the crossdresser awaits the stud. When the stud arrives his cock grows hard when he sees the crossdress slut waiting for him, he makes the slut sit in doggy position and he fucks  Sebastian’s soft feminine  ass

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The above picture shows Sebastian calling his stud who has a fetish for crossdressers and in the photo below you can see what the stud is going to do with his little high heeled crossdressing whore

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these 2 crossdresser porn photos are coming from a site which I love a lot, I think this place is a lot of fun and just a good place for crossdressers and anybody who loves crossdressers, the site is one big cozy community with its own crossdress forum, crossdress movies a top 20 of crossdressers rated by the members and also a section with crossdressing stories. And the best thing is this fun and exciting crossdress community where you can share and connect with others will only cost $1usd to give a try